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Regular scheduled flights to the Kurdistan Region by Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Gulf Air, Royal Jordanian, Etihad, FlyDubai, Middle East Airlines and Iraqi Airways.

Charter flights to the Kurdistan Region are operated by Atlas Jet from Istanbul, Air Berlin, Air Sweden, Viking Airline and others.

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Erbil International Airport
Suleimaniah International Airport


     Erbil      Duhok      Suleimaniah
  1. Erbil Rotana Hotel
  2. Erbil International Hotel
  3. Khanzad
  4. Noble
  5. Chwar Chra
  6. Hawler Plaza
  7. Ankawa Palace-Hotel
  1. Dilshad Hotel
  2. Jiyan Hotel
  3. Mazi Motel
  1. Suleimaniah Palace:
    Tel. +964 (0)53 313 4141
  2. LaleZar Hotel
  3. Azmir Palace:
    +964 (0)748 012 3513
  4. Ashti: Tel. +964 (0)53 312-7999

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About Erbil Marathon

Erbil Marathon is an international sport event in order to establish love, peace and non-violence in Iraq, and to inform the world that there is a strong community committed to peace and nonviolence and justice for their country and that are supported by a wide range of international partners and supporters.

The first edition of Erbil marathon was held in October 2011 and followed by the second Erbil international marathon for peace and development in October 2012 with participating of people from 49 different countries.

Erbil International marathon for peace will not only host the professional runners, but also sports fans, whether they are individuals or families or people with special needs from both genders, where they can participate individually or in groups representing non-governmental organizations, government ministries, and youth clubs or any other informal groups, to compete in one of the following races (4 km, 10 km, full marathon 42.194 km) where many valuable prizes will be awarded to the winners.


About Running Club

The Race Will Start on 19 of October

Do you Love to run for fitness?
Want to develop good running skills?
Need to get motivated to exercise?
See a connection between sports & peace?
Want to show your solidarity for Children’s Rights?

Erbil Running Club - Every Friday 5:00 p.m.
Sami Abdulrahman Park - Behind Dawa 2 Restaurant

Call 07507770578 for more information.
OPEN TO ALL ages, genders and abilities.

Some pictures of Erbil Running Club



Erbil International Marathon 2013


2 Hours & 33 Minuets & 49 Seconds

Nashwan Zaki
Iraq / Mousel

 2 Hours & 37 Minuets & 48 Seconds  

Ali Ahmad Salih
Iraq / Salahaldin

 2 Hours & 52 Minuets & 54 Seconds  

Muslim Hanash
Iraq / Basra

 2 Hours & 55 Minuets & 31 Seconds  

Hussain Mohammed
Iraq / Basra

 2 Hours & 56 Minuets & 20 Seconds  


3 Hours & 25 Minuets & 18 Seconds

Amal Khizer
Iraq / Sulaymaniah

 3 Hours & 59 Minuets & 12 Seconds  

Olga O'Hara

 4 Hours & 6 Minuets & 16 Seconds  

Our Races

Full Marathon

If you want to participate in this race you should run 42.195 K.M.

Half Marathon

If you want to participate in this race you should run 21.97 K.M.

Over 15 Years Old

If you want to participate in this race you should run 10 K.M.

Family and Fun Race

If you want to participate in this race you should run 4 K.M.

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Get in touch

Main Office
Erbil Marathon
40 Meter Street
Erbil, Kurdistan, IRAQ
P: 009647507770578
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